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Streaming Media & Video Creation

To take full advantage of today's web environment, your website needs to harness the power of streaming media. With streaming video, images and audio, your website becomes more than just a tool for disseminating information, it becomes an interactive environment where visitors can control the flow of information based on their needs and interests.

What is Streaming Media?Third Wave Digital's elite video production crew filming on location.

Streaming Media encompasses web video production and audio production coupled with enhanced graphic imagery that can be viewed over a network for playback in real time. This form of media is sent in a continuous “stream” that doesn’t require downloading, and can be viewed from your personal computer or mobile device.

Who benefits by using Streaming Media?

Everyone! From a simple video greeting, to a dynamic and fully immersive graphical user interface, streaming media content can make visiting your website more enjoyable for your viewers.


Universities, colleges, and local school districts are discovering the value of a personal approach when marketing their schools to draw in prospective students and increase enrollment.


Financial services, health care, high-tech and other enterprises are improving internal communication, and promoting their brand through media development and delivery.


Federal, state and local government agencies are training employees, and communicating with their constituents using this essential medium.

Small Businesses

Using web video, small businesses are able to separate themselves from their competitors, and align their products and services with the needs of their site's visitors.A video production crew filming outside.

Why Third Wave?

Third Wave has been in the business of producing high quality video content for more than 20 years. Our background in video production, coupled with our expertise and resources in web development give us a competitive edge when it comes to web content creation.