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Scuba Life

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Screenshot of Scuba Life Web Design Screenshot of Scuba Life Resources Web Design

Scuba Life is a network of individuals and professionals who live life for Scuba.

Third Wave Digital provided this exciting organization with a new website that allows members to dive into the Scuba Life. The site, features information about learning to dive from start to splash; from purchasing equipment, to learning basics, to traveling the world. has a completely custom design that suits the under the water theme of scuba life.

To make it easy for users to jump into scuba, Third Wave Digital has equipped scuba life with an e-commerce shopping experience that blends seamlessly with the look and feel of the site. In addition to shopping, users can also contact the Scuba Life team with contact and membership forms right on the site. Lastly, the Scuba Life admins are able to easily change out text and pictures using Third Wave’s 5.0 version of the content management system.